Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Empire Generator for WFRP-style Setting

As the first post of 2019, here is a generator for an Empire in the style of WFRP's Old World, the Holy Roman Empire or any low-magic fantasy kingdom ruled by an Emperor.

I've always been fascinated by WFRP gritty, fairly realistic medieval setting. Unfortunately, I don't know Early-modern medieval history well enough to be able to improvise that sort of stuff on the spot, and sourcebooks of that kind are slogs of hundreds of pages, completely unusable at the table.

With this generator you should be able to create all the information you need for a game setting in the style of "The Enemy Within" campaign (in fact, that's where I took most of the features from) in a fairly short time

With it you can:
  • Generate the empire's borders, provinces, provincial capitals, towns, main rivers and lakes
  • Generate the basic relationships between emperor, council of state and local governors in order to have some political tension from the get go
  • Generate the topography region by region as your players explores it
The blank Empire hex map provided is scaled at 60 miles per hex giving you an empire roughly the size of modern Germany.

The blank Regional hex map is scaled at 6 miles per hex and corresponds to one hex in the Empire map


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